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ever tried to improve your eating habits and lose weight, only to revert back to old ways?


It's ... well, frustrating isn't it!



I know WHY you do this ...

and it has NOTHING to to with a lack of willpower. 


Your Unconscious Mind is largely responsible for running your eating habits

It drives your urges, your cravings, and your unwanted behaviours, cycles and patterns around food and eating. 


And this presents in your life as ...

Binge Eating

Emotional Eating

Over Eating

Lack of Control






Hypnotherapy is the key

My program allows you to create change at this deep unconscious level, so that you can begin living your life free of cycles that have been holding you back. 


Making weight loss easy and achievable!



As you move through my program, you will begin making positive changes in your unconscious mind.


These changes will allow you to release old, unwanted eating habits, patterns and behaviours, so that you can start losing weight easily. 


That might sound easy, or even "too good to be true", 

But the truth is, hypnotherapy is easy, and it is extremely powerful. 

Having worked with 100's of woman, I know it works!  



Elyse from Finley, NSW ... 

I love your program have been on it for 5 days, and doing what the program has asked me to do.Can I say I have lost 4 kg in 5 days and feel amazing in my own head space have not craved food and look at all my food very differently, I am very excited to what comes next thank you for a program that has made my life happier.😃


Natasha from Wagga Wagga, NSW ... 

I'm absolutely loving it. I'm flabbergasted at how easy it has been for me, and that something so easy as relaxing and listening to something could help me . I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but I'm confident more confident than I've ever been, and feel in control, and I only have you to thank . I promise I'll be your biggest fan and share with the world my achievements.  I'm already feeling so much better. Thank You - Thank You - Thank You!   Regards Natasha


Meghan from Adelaide, SA ... 

Katie, thank you so much for what you have created. I've never done hypnotherapy before and I am absolutely LOVING it. I can't believe how different I feel. I've only just finished week 2 and already I've lost 3.5kgs!!! I find the hypnotherapy sessions to be so relaxing and I really look forward to doing them. Thank you again, I can't wait to continue on this journey. Meghan x


Sue from Newcastle, NSW ... 

I've always struggled with my weight and to be honest it feels like I have tried it all - the low carb diet - the detox programs - the calorie restriction methods - all of them left me feeling even more depressed about my weight. I'm so glad I found your program Katie, it has allowed me to FINALLY feel in control of my eating and I just feel great. Thank you - I've now lost close to 7kg and I know I'm only just getting started.    


Mandy from Mackay, QLD ... 

Hi Katie, I just wanted to say thank you. Your program is really changing how I feel and think about myself. I can see now that I have had a bad habit of thinking (and speaking) negative about myself and you have really helped me to see that and change that. I joined your program to lose weight, but I have received so much more than that. I love watching my body change as I myself change. I honestly can't thank you enough. Regards, Mandy. 


Meet: Natasha

Natasha joined my program 3.5 months before her 50th birthday with an intention to lose weight and feel great for her party. 

By following my program she was able to achieve that - losing 20kg in that time frame (even with Xmas thrown in the mix).

Natasha’s success is a reflection of her commit to herself and my program ~ I’m so proud of what she has achieved and I’ve loved supporting her on this wonderful journey. 



100% Online 

4 Powerful Weeks 
Self-paced with a weekly structure
3-4 hours per week


No diet restrictions
No set eating plans
No workout routines


This program gets results through HYPNOTHERAPY and the unlimited power of your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND!



Upon purchasing my program, you will receive instant access via a login link to this website. 

Each week of the program opens as your progress. 

You will have access to the program for the life of the program.


All videos and hypnotherapy sessions are pre-recorded which means you can watch and listen to them at a time that best suits you.


If you've never done hypnotherapy before, that's okay ... I guide you every step of the way. It's really easy, all you need to do is relax, close your eyes and listen to the recording I've made for you. 



15 Powerful Hypnotherapy Sessions

Specifically designed so that you can start to lose weight easily

Daily Audios for Weeks 1 & 2

Plus a Bonus 'Motivation to Move' audio in Week 4

25+ Short Educational Videos

Designed to shine a light on your unconscious programming around food and eating (these will blow your mind)

Bonus Section

Guidance for you to move forward into your new way of living



Release old unwanted habits, behaviours and patterns around food and eating

Create new, positive habits that will allow you to lose weight easily

Develop a mindset that will see you gain health and reach your ideal weight

Enjoy feeling great about your body, without the guilt and shame around eating

Move your body for pleasure, not because you have to, but because you WANT to

Learn about the power of your Unconscious mind

Understand why you've struggled to lose weight and keep it off in the past

Understand why you aren't to blame for your poor eating habits

Discover how easy it can be to become your ideal weight when your Unconscious mind is onboard


See the Program Outline



Start your journey now ... 


- OR -



Meet my bestie ...
my lover ..
my biz partner ...
and my soul mate


(or Glenno as I like to call him) 



Before I knew him, Glen struggled with his weight.
It was hypnotherapy that helped him.

For 15 years I struggled to lose weight. My relationship with food was very unhealthy to the point where in 2017, a doctor suggested that I go on cholesterol medication for the rest of my life. That was not an option for me, and so I made the decision to make the necessary changes myself. Hypnotherapy allowed me to completely shift my mindset and shred the weight without actively 'trying'. I now have a healthy relationship with food and the cravings I used to experience throughout my day just aren't there. I feel like I am now completely in control of my weight.  

Glen Pertzel, 37 

"So much more than just a Weight Loss Program"

My program helps women positively upgrade their eating habits and their relationship with food, so they not only lose weight, but they keep it off long term, and enjoy the whole process. 


"Get Ready to Feel Free"

(like I now feel - it's SOOO good!)




About this Program

Welcome & Congratulations

Why I created this Program

How this Program Works

Program Overview

Getting the Most out of this Program

Why this Program is Different

How to be Successful


Open Your Mind

About Our Hypnotherapy

What to Expect in Hypnotherapy

Relaxation Technique

Conscious vs Unconscious Mind

Changing your Cycle

Fears that Prevent Weight Loss

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality



Hypnotherapy 1: A few things ... (10 mins) 

Hypnotherapy 2: This time is Different (15 mins) 


Daily Audio (10 mins)

Weekly Task



Open Your Mind

Your Ideal Weight

It Takes Time

Unconscious Programming

Unconscious Associations

Eating for Eating's Sake

Brainwashed as a Child

The Over Eating Trap

Why do You Eat?

Bored or Emotional Eating

Associations: Food & Fun 

Your Body's Favourite Foods

The Problem with Diets

The Hunger Signal

Bon Appetit

Be Kind to Your Digestive System

Body Hunger vs Mind Hunger

Pace does Matter

The Problem with Sugar



Hypnotherapy 3: Listen to your Body (12 mins)

Hypnotherapy 4: You are in Control (11 mins) 


Daily Audio (11 mins)

Weekly Task



Hypnotherapy 5: Release old Beliefs 1 (23 mins)

Hypnotherapy 6: Release old Beliefs 2 (14 mins)

Hypnotherapy 7: Your Ideal Weight (8 mins) 

Hypnotherapy 8: Your Body's Favourite Foods (10 mins) 

Hypnotherapy 9: Stop Over Eating (18 mins) 

Hypnotherapy 10. Mind Hunger vs Body Hunger (12 mins) 

Hypnotherapy 11. Eat Well Feel Well (14 mins) 


Motivation to Move (5 mins)

Audio Recording to get you started



Hypnotherapy 12: Moving your Body for Pleasure (17 mins)

Hypnotherapy 13: Feeling Grateful to Move your Body (18mins) 



Walking Audio Recording (10 mins)


Where to From Here?

Setting you up for Success Moving Forward

You can't un-know what you know

Remember it takes time



Hypnotherapy 14: Moving forward with Confidence (34 mins) 

Hypnotherapy 15: A Journey Within (14 mins)


I've always loved to help those in need.

Growing up on a farm in country SA I was the daughter who always brought home and cared for stray birds, lizards, lambs and any other creature that was injured or appeared to have lost their way. This eventually escalated to a very tiny, helpless and hairless joey kangaroo, who went on to live with us for over 20 years. (RIP Nippy xx) 

Looking back I can see that helping others has always been a passion of mine. Which is most likely what led me to becoming a Primary School teacher during my 20's. 

Since then I have moved on to helping people in other ways.

Hypnotherapy is my absolute passion - it has transformed my life and those I have had the privilege of working with. 

Despite having working with 100's of people, I still get an absolute buzz when someone experiences hypnotherapy for the first time. 

There is something magical about doing the deep inner work - and that magic reflects in the eyes of those I help. 



Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy ®

Certified Teacher (Bachelor of Teaching & Learning)


I often get asked by women

"Is this program 'right' for me?"


To that I respond ...


Only you can truly know if my program is right for you. 

Please ... read my words here, ask me any questions you may have, and then sink into YOURSELF. 

FEEL into your body and ask yourself if this is right for you. 

Trust in your own intuition ... it will always led you where you need to go. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to me. 

Through our Facebook Page - Hypno Australia

Or email me at: [email protected]


All my best ... Katie xx


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