Specialists in Quit Smoking and Weight Loss


Hypnotherapy works exclusively with the Unconscious mind

Our Unconscious Mind makes up 95% of our mind.

Our Conscious Mind make up only 5% of our mind.

Smoking and poor eating habits are unconscious habits we have created.

When we use willpower alone, we are using 5% of our mind to find a powerful 95%.

Hypnotherapy is used to align our unconscious mind with our conscious wishes and desires.


This means that with the help of Hypnotherapy, Quitting Smoking or Losing Weight becomes easy.



We help 100's of people all across Australia in the areas of Quit Smoking and Weight Loss.

Quit Smoking Weight Loss

About Us

We are a team of dedicated Hypnotherapists, backed by extensive experience, first class training, infectious passion, and an undeniable desire to help others live their BEST LIFE. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help millions of people across Australia in the areas of Quitting Smoking and Weight Loss, so that they can become the MOST HEALTHIEST versions of themselves. 

Our Clients

Our clients are people wanting something more for themselves and their life. They are tired of running the same behavioural patterns and unwanted habits. They are ready for CHANGE. 



Glen Pertzel

Glen proudly served 17 years in the Royal Australian Air Force, 13 of which were in highly influential positions developing military leaders. Glen led teams in unpredictable and stressful situations to achieve outstanding results and was commended on numerous occasions for outstanding leadership, performance and contribution to Defence. Glen discovered his true passion and talent for inspiring others when he became responsible for the development of over 120 personnel. This ignited his obsession with human behaviour and the psychology of success. Ultimately, Glen's strong passion for helping others led to him discharging from his military career, so he could focus solely on serving others using the power of Hypnotherapy. 


Katie Manser

Katie comes from a background of school teaching, business management and holistic health. Her strong belief that every person deserves to live a brilliant life, led her to start her own business. She now uses the modalities of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy to help people unlock the infinite potential of their unconscious mind. Katie’s purpose  is to guide people towards healing, health and happiness. She has worked with people all around the world, and she continues to achieve incredible results for her clients. Katie loves seeing people unlock inner freedom and step into a life of confidence, power and passion. Her superpower is to see herself in others, and to help people become the absolute best version of themselves.

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